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We talk about this “cool girl” myth all the time, as well as the backlash once you do fit the trope: the -esque woman shoving hot dogs in her face, who’s chill to death.

But Sloan turned that myth on its head—she dumped E when she wasn’t getting the respect she deserved, but she’s very much still one of the guys—years before we were even talking about it.

So yeah, for starters, Sloan is drop dead gorgeous – and it extends far past side-vantage-points of her breasts. I feel like if Sloan were a real chick, she’d never Instagram her food. Although she doesn’t work, she does have a life outside of their relationship.

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Doug Ellin, the creator of the show, always loved E and Sloan. He really knew what he was doing, and as much as our show has been called misogynistic, the way that I defend it is [admitting] that maybe that’s true, but the beauty of our show is that it depicts such a slice of Hollywood, and no one can convince me that Hollywood is not misogynistic!

And Doug totally does that justice, and it’s why our show did so well.

While looks aren’t everything, especially with regard to Sloan, they definitely suffice. She had E wrapped around her finger so tightly that he would’ve removed his own penis for one more chance to spend his money on her. Next to Muggsy Bogues’ 14-year career in the NBA, as a 5’3” point guard – E cuffing Sloan, for eight seasons, is the most impressive feat ever pulled off by a short dude.

It’s not even so much of a knock at E as it is a feather in the cap of Sloan. But we also want to marry Sloan because she is a woman who knows what she wants (even if that happens to be Eric Murphy).

There’s really only been one fictional character to steal my heart with as much vigor as Sloan Mc Quewick, and that was Adam Sandler’s third grade teacher in "Billy Madison." And although Veronica Vaughn is certainly one of the baddest, Sloan might be the one. Anyone who’s seen an episode of "Entourage" containing at least one quick "SSS," or Sloan Sex Scene, can attest that, when push comes to shove, Sloan is still the wife every guy wishes he had. For obvious reasons, like avoiding full-fledged pornography, HBO simply won’t show a naked Sloan – at least from the front.

Thankfully, for males across America, Sloan was blessed with one of the best sideboob games on the planet, and that we’re allowed to see (insert maniacal laugh). I guess what makes her even more attractive is that she doesn’t have to.

character Sloan Mc Quewick has had the staying power that Johnny Drama could only dream of.

Despite being a relative unknown before being cast, Chriqui has been a grounded breath of fresh air in a show (and a city) not usually known for it, turning a three-episode guest star role into a recurring character who would quickly become the moral compass for the group, without ever being too enamored by boyfriend Eric “E” Murphy (Kevin Connolly), or his glitzy Hollywood life.

You were getting this hyper real version of what Hollywood is, that people are just fascinated with.

And part of that is the arm candy, and the crazy parties, and the bikini clad chicks in a revolving door — that’s a real thing, and not in someone’s head!

You’re getting asked plenty what it’s like being back with the boys from Queens Boulevard, and the answer is always “great!

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