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I appreciate that." Along the way, he worked with just about everybody; and if he didn't, then he probably had lunch with them.Like a bridge between old and new Hollywood, you could play that "six degrees of separation" parlour game with Gould and get a hit every time.

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His father, a textiles buyer named Bernie, had tried to elope with another girl when he was 17.

Their families stopped them, and he married Gould's mother.

Going to see Ken Loach's Kes at the cinema with the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman; changing Groucho Marx's lightbulb (and the ageing comic telling him, "That's the best acting I've ever seen you do! As one writer put it, talking with Gould is like entering into Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass or reading James Joyce. They'd met while co-starring in the 1962 Broadway show I Can Get it For You Wholesale.

"You never know what to expect, where you might go." It's also a bit like trying to steer an ocean liner with a paddle. Gould was then 23, four years older than Streisand.

Like his time with Streisand, it was a rollercoaster: they split, divorced, remarried, split, finally separating in 1989. I don't want to be driven by desperation and insecurity; we are at war with ignorance, desperation and fear." He fared little better in the 1990s, despite the decade being bookended by two great roles – as an ageing mobster in 1991's Bugsy, alongside Warren Beatty, and as the Jewish mother's boyfriend who stands up to Edward Norton's white supremacist in American History X. Woody Allen wanted to cast him in Deconstructing Harry but Gould was already committed to a forgettable play.

By this point, Gould had endured more than a decade of bad movie choices. Altman let him cameo in The Player as himself (just as he did in Nashville all those years earlier), but he couldn't get him into a major role in Short Cuts.

the definition of genius in the Webster's Dictionary is 'one of a kind'.

And I believe that each of us is meant to be one of a kind." If Quinn was his inspiration, for years his rock was his second wife, Jenny Bogart.

When he was 12, his mentor was an "incorrigible" Irishman named Billy Quinn. I didn't want to know," says Gould – yet Quinn pounded away until he did. Years later, when I told him I was going to be doing Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, and they gave me ,000 to do it, he said he just couldn't believe it.

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