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A virtually unknown actress at the time who had previously starred in five short-lived sitcoms, Aniston auditioned for the role of Rachel after turning down an offer as a cast member on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

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Ross takes this to mean that they've broken up, and sleeps with another woman.

Rachel gets back together with Ross the next day, but breaks up with him upon learning of his infidelity.

During season four, Rachel dates her customer Joshua (Tate Donovan), while Ross dates her boss' niece Emily (Helen Baxendale), to whom he eventually gets engaged.

Competitively, Rachel proposes to recent divorcee Joshua, frightening him off.

Rachel is also regarded as a style icon due to her influence on womenswear during the 1990s.

Meanwhile, the character's relationship with Ross is often cited among television's most beloved.

In the episodes following the break up, Rachel and Ross are initially hostile towards each other, but continue to harbor feelings for each other.

During a beach house vacation with their friends, Rachel and Ross briefly reconcile when he ends his relationship with Bonnie (Christine Taylor), only to break up once again due to a disagreement.

The episode was first suggested by director James Burrows; the writers felt that it was time to alter the couple's dynamic in order to avoid the repetitive "he's pining, she's oblivious" pattern, using the work of author Jane Austen as inspiration on how to finally shift the pining arc from Ross to Rachel.

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