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I am never again going to buy anything via Facebook or unfamiliar websites.

.95 doesn't seem like much, but if they get away with 10 months of charges, it's a lot of money!!!

COM ONLINE for Garcinia Plus and Healthy Cleanse Cleaner, the first 2 charges .38 and 9 I did know about, and did receive the goods but then 2 more charges appeared on my statement for 3.38 and 4.14, (plus of course the off shore charges) but nothing else has arrived and I didn't agree to these 2 payments how do I get my money, can any one help me.

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This company and "slimwayinfo .com" have just charged my account with two charges over $130 each, I have not knowingly authorised these charges.their practice, so far can only be described to be totally deceitful and unscrupulous.i checked my credit card transaction and got transfer to PES*INFINITECHARMSHOP HANGZHOU.

I have had a charge of $155.23 AUD onto my credit card two months in a row.

I have been receiving a a monthly charge from this Elec Sav referred to as Foreign Exchange Fee, but it has nothing to do with my Bank.

i don't get any bill/track number for my purchase.1day ago the website offline.

I tried to call and sent email so many times but the system denied and message did not sent through.

I definitely didn't order anything, answer me immediately what was the purpose of this charge.

I would have come across your product, let alone allow you to charge such a grievous amount to my card, No application for your product and no shipping charges I require from you a registered cancellation number, and full refund of181.75 to my credit card.

I have had to cancel my card so that no further charges can be made to my account, I actually liked one of the products and was considering a purchase but was waiting for them to contact with pricing ,obviously its a case of never accepting a trial offer ever again from any company.

Is a scam had to change my credit card number to stop further debits as well as hope my bank can overturn and reverse the payment.

Hi have been charged by these 2 names SVITAGSUPPORT.

Live person on call said Microsoft requires a fee to remotely resolve the did NOT give card info while on phone.

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