Thirty days of dating

His good friend Bobby challenges him to thirty days of swipe dating to get him back out and enjoying life again.

The struggling writer is desperate for money and inspiration making this a win-win for him.

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While interest grows with the two of them, he’s becoming increasingly annoyed by the daily first dates, and the disruption they’ve brought to his life.

Despite the annoyance, Gavin finally sees progress in his recovery from mental illness and discovers a hope he hasn’t felt in years.

Gavin struggles with depression opening up some self-destructive coping methods.

He’s been working on restructuring his mental game and learning to appreciate life again.

He also is the master of twists of fate and Catch 22’s.

His juxtaposition between Sami and Megan is well plotted and only helps to perpetuate the dynamic development of Gavin through his mental journal back into writing and life itself.

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Unfortunately, he may just be too late in figuring himself out before the bubble bursts.

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