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In the past Gothenberg has been stuck firmly in the 19th-century romantic symphonic tradition.

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But the relationship has been blessed with an extraordinary stroke of luck.

The widow of a local petfoods tycoon Herbert Axelrod has gifted the orchestra his collection of 30 Golden Age string instruments, with a market value of some $40m (£22m), including many violins and cellos by Stradivari and del Gesu, so the players will be performing on the finest instruments ever to fall into the hands of a classical band.

In Gothenberg Volvo is the main sponsor of the band; in Detroit it is the motor industry, led by General Motors, which helps keep the orchestra afloat.

Järvi is one of those conductors who never quite made it to the leadership of one of the world’s great orchestras but who has made an essential contribution by bolstering symphonic music on the periphery.

A dark humour that turns the longing feeling inside out, something roguish with a carnival revelry, and yet the performance is restrained throughout.

The concert is recorded for later release on Deutsche Grammophon, coupled with a recording where Gringolts together with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Neeme Järvi perform the Sibelius violin concerto.When he arrived at Gothenberg in 1982 the orchestra was decidedly second division; now its only rival as the leading Scandinavian orchestra is the Oslo Philharmonic, and on many counts it can claim superiority.“When I came here in 1982 there were financial problems.Instead they make changes every day.” He is also quick to point out the travails of a conductor. They might have in the days of Toscanini when an American tour included a seven day cruise crossing the Atlantic on a luxury liner.” Despite a health scare two years ago, Järvi will only be taking life a little more gently.He will remain with the Detroit Symphony, which he has led for 12 years.Järvi will also maintain his close links with two more orchestras, the Japan Philharmonic in Tokyo and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, where he was principal conductor for many years.

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