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This dialect follows many patterns similar to those of the Cundiboyacense dialect but with only marginal use of the formal second-person pronoun sumercé.

The Cundiboyacense dialect is spoken mainly in the departments of Cundinamarca and Boyacá (Cundiboyacense High Plateau).

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The dialect of native Spanish speakers in the area is closer to the Nicaraguan dialect of the Caribbean coast, reflecting the geographical location of the archipelago, off the coast of Nicaragua.

The Valluno dialect or español vallecaucano is spoken in the valley of the Cauca River between the Western and Central cordilleras.

This dialect makes frequent use of the expression sumercé or su merced (literally "your grace") as a formal second-person singular pronoun.

In this dialect the pronoun usted is used when two men speak in an informal situation.

There is a strong use of ustedeo in both informal and formal contexts.

The dialect spoken in this region covers a vast area of the country with less population density.they do not practice yeísmo), and in some areas the double-R phoneme is realized as a voiced apical sibilant.Contrary to a tendency in general Spanish to weaken or relax the sounds The Opita dialect is spoken mostly in the departments of Tolima and Huila, mostly in the central and southern parts of the Magdalena River Valley.This is the dialect spoken in the Islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina in Colombia's Caribbean region.It is marked by a mixture of Caribbean Spanish with some features of English. This phonetic characteristic is not exclusive to Colombians whose ancestry is traced back to the Spanish period before the British invasion, under British territorial rule, and the recovery of Spanish control; it is also used by Raizals, by whites of British descent, and by descendants of mainland Colombians.It is spoken in the eastern plains of the country from the Cordillera Oriental (eastern mountain range of the Andes).

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