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Actually she has used the right weapons available in the Indian divorce industry and able to achieve the real target of divorce/money without even filing for divorce!

Now husband here says that he wants wife to come back.

Some FIL have been forced to pay lakhs of penalty to tax department after investigation in tax evasion petition.

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Question: I am slapped with 498a,406,34 IPC , DV and CRPC 125 . While in DV interim of X000/- per month is ordered.

Her evidence completed in DV half cross is done half is pending will be on DDMMYYYY .

False cases by women on men kept on increasing – they started from 498A, flourished after DV Act was passed in 2005, and unmarried women used ‘technical rape’; after 498A arrests became difficult due to SC judgment of Jul 2014, some married women quickly switched over to IPC 377 (unnatural sex) and even IPC 354 (outraging modesty of woman) on father-in-law or brother-in-law. Before we proceed to read further on how to fight, shouldn’t we be clear whether we have the fight in us? See how the score improves over months as you continue within network of men’s rights activists. Which is why I suggest reducing interim maintenance to a minimum is the best strategy, on top of which everything else can be built up over time.

Some people think all this was predicted by some wise guy 5500 years back, but he didn’t tell the ways on how to fight these cases which will happen in 21st century, so here we are making a humble attempt to do the same! All other cases can wait – that includes IPC 498A, 406, 323, 506, 34 and so on. More the delay, the more frustrated husbands become, because not only they have to run around courts, they have to keep paying interim maintenance too in the interim.

If you followed the advice given on this site, once you have a low interim maintenance award, wife can’t afford to wait for many years living off on a low amount every month, so she will be forced to decide to call the battle off and go for MCD.

Question: Does daughter-in-law have right to property of her father-in-law or mother-in-law? She can claim it as residence ONLY IF she has stayed in that house for a sufficient period of time to justify it as a shared household as given in Batra vs Batra SC judgment which defines shared household.Wife has filed criminal cases, and asking for divorce verbally during open court proceedings, but she didn’t file divorce petition actually.So in a way she filed criminal cases and DV to reach her actual target which is divorce and off course lumpsum settlement.He creates his own battles and his own circumstances. Warrior doesn’t blame the circumstances, but instead uses whatever circumstances exist to his full advantage. As long as they are able to extract a high maintenance every month, they can coolly wait for husband to lose patience and agree to a lumpsum settlement.Many of the questions in fighter quiz will fall into one of above categories. Most people do the opposite by spending too much time on 498A even after getting bail, by telling everyone about their innocence etc.But the way the usual public behaves when facing a complaint from daughter-in-law, it seems the conventional thinking is that somehow the daughter-in-law/bahu is eligible to half the property or one of the properties after 1 day of marriage!

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