Black males sex web camera - Rush limbaughs dating again

Someone at my work believes irma is happening because Hilary and Obama.

Not surprisingly, the conservative commentator, who has said he hopes that the president's economic policies fail, is far more popular with Republicans – 47 percent view him favorably – than with Democrats, just seven percent of whom view him favorably.

The poll also found that Republicans are relatively pessimistic about the future of their party.

So he only punishes America now, the only god fearing people left.

If you could actually become a storm wizard by being liberal, who wouldn't be one?

In March 1994 – right before the Republican takeover of Congress – views were quite different.

A Gallup/CNN/USA Today taken at the time found that 58 percent believed the Republican leadership was taking the party in the right direction while just 24 percent thought it was headed in the wrong direction.

Part of my family lives in the Caribbean for work...

5 hours ago they signed off because they shut off their power in prep for the hurricane.

No, it's just that God gave up caring about Europe a while back, and he especially avoids the Netherlands.

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