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Florence is fruitier, Kardashian offering has less tuberose, and Gucci Bloom lacks the 'wow factor' ..this mineral-y note that feels like you're surrounded by expensive stone architecture.

Aspects of the music were discovered in 1980, and now a facsimile can be presented in full with the use of multispectral imaging.

This edition is in two clothbound volumes; the first volume contains an introductory study, while the second contains the facsimile.

Jordi Savall is hugely respected both as an instrumentalist and as a music director across early music.

Throughout his career he has made outstanding period instrument recordings, exploring the roots of European Musical tradition, and his masterly playing of the viola da gamba gave immense depth to the success of the film 'Tous les matins du monde'.

The edition includes transcriptions with a critical apparatus and an apparatus of parallel citations for the lectionary, pontifical, sermons and documents.

The flyleafs and palimpsest sections of the manuscript are analyzed or edited in the introduction."-- Provided by publisher.With a foreword by Magnus Williamson, introduction, bibliography, notes, catalogue, and index."The major parts of the manuscript Sankt-Peterburg, Biblioteka Rossijskoi Akademii Nauk, F. 200, were written in Beneventan script in the mid-twelfth century, perhaps specifically for the dedication in 1166 of the new cathedral of Kotor in southern Dalmatia, now Montenegro.This recording takes its lead from the unashamedly secular character of the work and ventures beyond the chapel door to explore the parallel world of courtly vernacular song and instrumental music.Cappella Romana's latest release is an intrepid musical exploration of late medieval Cyprus. If you like light powdery tuberose fragrances then you will probably like this. The compliments were not even how good my perfume smelt but just how good *i* smelt.

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