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How Panama chooses to combat deforestation will be hugely important over the coming century.Protecting its forests will ensure healthy habitat for animals and clean air for humans, as well as give the ecotourism industry the potential to truly take off.But the government policy of giving tax incentives for reforestation, critics point out, is faulty.

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As Panama watched other countries in the region work to protect their own natural resources, some in the government took notice and urged their country to follow suit.

Panama’s economy has always been tied to its unique geography and pleasant climate.

By and large, these forests have been cut down to make way for roads, agriculture, and cattle ranches.

Once a forest is gone, the soil erodes quickly, especially during the rainy season. When soil erodes, it’s difficult for plants to establish root systems and the remaining nutrients are often washed away.

Dating back to the Spanish gold trade in the 17th century, this tiny isthmus has been the focus of trade, natural resource extraction, and transcontinental economic exchange for centuries. The Panama Canal is being expanded, and Panama City is becoming a mecca for foreign business and banking.

All of this can, however, come at a cost to the environment.

Like other countries in South and Central America, Panama has faced serious environmental issues.

For much of the country’s history, money took precedence over conservation, and an ethic of “man over nature” pervaded the culture.

Of Panama’s estimated 978 bird species, 12 are endemic, 120 are rare, and 20 are globally threatened.

Deforestation has the potential to interrupt important migratory routes and cause lasting ecological damage to not only Panama but in North and South America as well.

Panama’s land coverage is also 78 percent mountainous, which makes the soil erode quickly.

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