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Fossil Mollusca from the Reef Limestones of Christmas Island, by R. Another notable feature is the occurrence on the northern and eastern borders of several peculiar hills, the long axis of which lies parallel to the edge of the plateau.

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In 1886 the surveying vessel, "Flying Fish" (Captain Maclear) was ordered to make an examination of the island. At that time the only means of access to the island was by the sailing-vessels belonging to Mr. Clunies Ross, of the Cocos-Keeling Islands, which are employed in carrying various supplies from Batavia to those islands, and on their way down usually touch at Christmas Island to land stores for the little colony established in Flying T'ish Cove. After a rough passage of five days we sighted the island from the south-west, having run past it in the night. In the crop of one there were remains of numerous locusts.

34 Pontodrilus ephippiger \ prostate and sperm-sac 166 Perichmta hrevis ] sperm-sac and spermatheca 168 Leptoria phrygia; part of transverse section, X 5 . The first attempt at an exploration of the island was made by the frigate "Amethyst" in 1857, from which a boat's crew was landed with the object of attempting to reach the summit, but the inland cliffs proved an insuperable obstacle, and the ascent was abandoned. I was fortunate enough to be able to avail myself of this opportunity, and, the Trustees of the British Museum having granted the necessary leave of absence, I left England at the beginning of May, 1897. Its food consists of the White-eyes, Ground-Thrushes, and Ground- Pigeons, and it is said to kill the large Fruit-Pigeon also, but this I never saw.

The channel included between the low clitf and the outer belt of pinnacles extends for half a mile or more roughly parallel to the coast, and may be either the result of a slip downward of the outer part of the cliff, or possibly a channel in a reef formed round the island when the sea was at that level.

It usually slopes gently seawards, sometimes becoming steeper towards the cliff' edge, which is nearly everywhere boi'dereil with a belt of pinnacles of coral limestone, separated by clefts and channels often parallel to the cliff edge. Here, on descending the slope of the terrace towards the clitf edge, we come first to a narrow belt of pinnacles, beyond which is a sudden drojj of about 50 feet ; at the foot of the low cliff thus formed is a perfectly level, soil-clad terrace, some 50 yards broad, which is bounded on the outer side by lines of pinnacles 20-30 feet high, separated by winding channels with level floors ; beyond these is a slope covered with piles of limestone blocks extending to the c Kff edge.

He remarks that "the island looks exceeding pleasant, being covered with lofty trees, and may be known by the following directions: — (oming from the north-westward, it appears pretty high, with a saddle in the middle ; the westernmost land is the highest, trenching away to the northward to a low, flat point; the easternmost point is low, but bluff.

223 Porites belli; part of transverse section bored by an alga, x 9 223 Montipora dance ; part of transverse section, x 12 . 286 Sea-worn basalt in AVaterfall (Panchoran) Bay, east coast . The next account of the island is given by Captain Daniel Beekman, in 1718 [2].

Both the mode of origin and the composition of the first inland cliff seem to diff'er considerably in different places, but these points will be more fully considered in the geological section.

Although tlie terraces may be continuous for considerable dis- tances, it is difficult to correlate those occurring in different parts of the island.

AVhere the single cliff face is replaced by a number of secondary cliffs and terraces, these also indicate that the surface of the sea has stood at successively lower levels with regard to the land, each cliff and terrace apparently marking such a change of level In places these smaller cliffs and terraces are interrupted by gentler slopes, and one or more may disappear.

For instance, on the north coast, at about 20 feet above the shore plat- form, the cliff is cut back into a shelf, above which it overhangs considerably, and from 150 to 200 feet higher up there are less distinct traces of a similar striicture, the line of wave action being there marked by small caves.

88, line 5 from bottom, for Syrpindce read Syrphidcs. 142, third genus under 'Blattid^,' for Periplanata read Feriplaneta. PAGE Outlines of Chiistmas Island as seen from the sea .... The island is about seven leagues from east to west." This writer gives a remarkable sketch, in which the heights are ridiculously exaggerated, the hill over the north-western point being made to look like a mountain with three peaks ; his estimate of the length of the island also is much in excess of the truth.

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