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First he stated they where having problems with the screens,then he stated Def Leopard requested they Not be on until they played which was appalling .

No where was it stated that the screens would be turn off until they played .

Seems like these would be perfect shows for you to meet you LEGAL obligations to your loyal customers.

We would of NEVER bought tickets to a concert that we couldn’t see the bands from the screens.

Is was like just paying for a very expensive party in the park.

Reply I can’t Believe you guys made all these changes to Jamboree In The Hills, now call jambo country, really.

Then you decide, no more of our custom coolers inside, because of safety, right, that would be called greed, An no Sundays now, seriously. Jamboree In The Hills, So 😢 would love to sit and discuss this, and maybe you can help me understand that a Change was needed after 40 yrs of a family tradition.

Half way thru the show we had drunks falling all over ,one almost landed on me .

I have attend many shows there this summer and the seating was totally different, I guess you wanted to squeeze more seats in ,on the expense of your higher paying customers.

The companies first concert was the Electric Light Orchestra in 1977. thank yiu Reply When will 2018 vouchers from lawsuit be released?

Today, besides online ticket sales, Live Nation owns or controls 93 live entertainment venues and 100 other performance venues.

Regards, John Capone Reply I attended a concert in Coney Island Brooklyn , NY 8-24-17 paid 506.32 order # 2900-0177-3861-4154-7 I had front row seats.

It was horrendous from prior to when the show started until after the show ended-people were passing in front of us constantly. The money I pd was outrageous since it was truly the worst seats.

Reply On June 29, 2017 we attended the DOOBIE BROTHERS/Chicago concert in Wash, DC.

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