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The empathetic priest does not condemn the miners for worshipping the devil, he simply tries to educate them to the fact that faith through love is stronger than faith through fear.The priest at times feels helpless because he understands that they are simply trying to protect themselves from harm by praying to anyone who will listen, in the hopes that they can “double their armor.” The mines of Cerro Rico date back to the sixteenth century.

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These wonderful images are certainly a wonderful accomplishment.

Leonardo Heiblum and Andres Solis have created a beautiful soundtrack which assists in highlighting the constant shifting of tone and emotion of film.

But regardless of what people may or not read into it, is first and foremost a comedy, made by two very whacked-out Chech “blokes” who really need to learn to speak English and go to Hollywood. The film tells a heartbreaking story about the life of a fourteen-year-old boy named Basilio Vargas.

After the death of his father, Basilio has spent the last four years working in the mines so he can provide for his mother and act as a father figure for his younger siblings.

A little less enthusiastic are their two children seventeen year old Charly (Romain Torres) and 19 year-old Laura (Sabrina Seyvecou) who begrudgingly come along.

When Charly’s homosexual friend Martin (Edouard Collin) comes to visit, Beatrix begins to amuse herself with the possibility that young Charly might be gay. We explore the parent’s constant suspicion regarding their son’s sexuality; the anxiety the parents feel as they realize Laura is dating and most likely having sex; on through the privately indulgent world of Beatrix’s summer fling; and finally, the introduction of Marc’s old hidden romance.

He had been seeing Taylor walk around his neighborhood and had no idea that the old man with the bejeweled walking stick was a former denizen of The Factory. He then enlisted the help of Crystal Moselle, a School of Visual Arts film student.

Together they began to follow Taylor around his neighborhood filming him and becoming his friends.

The ads proclaimed: Don’t Go; Don’t Rush; Don’t Spend.

However, 5,000 people turned up with camping chairs at 6am on the “opening” day.” The film is filled with funny scenes: the two film makers standing in their blue underwear to be fitted for Hugo Boss suits; the recording of a promotional song with a school girl choir and an ORCHESTRA OF VIOLINS (I was laughing so hard I thought I would have to leave the theater); and the reactions of the Czech citizenry as they attend the fake opening and walk all the way across an un-mowed field to a fake building façade and then back to the parking lot.

In this mockumentary we follow the film makers as they buy new Hugo Boss suits, plan their ad campaign, do market research and record a “song.” Here is a quote from the press release, “For two weeks, the streets of Prague were saturated with advertising for the fake hypermarket.

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