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The use of your personal data is in strict compliance with data protection regulations in order to make you feel secure with us in matters of data protection.

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You can also choose between undertaking a work or research placement of up to 30 weeks, studying overseas, or starting your own business.

The course will unlock a huge range of exciting careers to you including brand management, market research and advertising.

The collection, processing or use of your Personal Data is used in particular for the following purposes: a.

Contact Request We use your Personal Data exclusively to process your request to get in contact with you. Patient Registration Without your explicit consent we only use your Personal Data to carry out your registration. Online and Offline Advertising Only with your express consent will we send you client satisfaction surveys, information about our services and events, and if applicable our newsletter by email.

Our Marketing Communications and Advertising MSc, accredited by CIM, places each student under the spotlight.

Can you put your sound theoretical understanding into practice?also we do not permit the use of advertising boards on some streets.Our Data Protection Principles The protection and security of your personal data is of paramount importance to us.If, through your registration, you provide us with additional consent we may use your online information for customer analysis, contests and written mail advertising.Information that we have collected outside of the Internet will be used for the purposes of processing your requests, for customer analysis, contests and written mail advertising without any additional consent from you.Will your communications plan, and the research it's built on, withstand academic scrutiny? Would a seasoned ad agency director trust your recommendations?

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