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MARTY DIAMOND Mc LACHLAN: I’d never felt an ounce of sexism from any of the guys at my record label.

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People won’t come.” I was like, “Well, we’ve done it!

So you can either support us or get left behind.”Mc BRIDE: It was a foreign concept to most promoters.

Mc LACHLAN: I was talking to a friend about the concept and said, “I need a name.” She goes, “Have you heard the story of Lilith?

” In Hebrew mythology Lilith is Adam’s first wife, before Eve.

Sounds like a scene from the Women’s March on Washington—but it actually occurred 20 years ago this summer with the debut of Lilith Fair, a music festival designed to give women the same lucrative touring gigs as men.

Cofounded by singer-songwriter Sarah Mc Lachlan, this multicity tour broke new ground, from the all-female talent lineup that promoters said would never work, to the controversies it ignited in the media about race and feminism.MESHELL NDEGEOCELLO I dabble in the jazz world, which is male-­dominated.[If you had two women playing together], it became a shtick.He asked her to lie beneath him, and she said, “No, we’re equal.” She left, and she was made into a cautionary tale. Obviously words are important to me, and Lilith on its own didn’t seem like enough.I loved the play on words of I don’t know that people thought Sarah was crazy, but it was a new idea for certain.Searching for inspiration, she organized a mini festival—a gathering that would ultimately morph into Lilith Fair.

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