Kontakt per sex chat - Is charlie dating the waitress in real life

Really, the difference between is the difference between fantasy and reality.

What looked like the breakthrough he had long been hoping for turned into yet another failure, and his odds of ever-changing her mind were now next to impossible. On a show full of characters who are willfully evil, Charlie is accidentally evil, putting this poor woman through years worth of unwanted attention because he doesn’t know any better, and because he genuinely believes that each gesture, hell, each interaction will be the one that finally convinces her to see things his way.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: many of the things Charlie has done in pursuing this woman are emphatically Not Okay. Much like most of what happens on , it’s hilarious in an incredibly dark, often sad way.

At the same time, Charlie’s behavior is part of why he is by far the least evil of the central characters on . This is a show about the miserable realities of the human experience, and I hope it stays true to that form right till the bitter end.

I have nothing against the happy universe where Fry finally gets together with Leela, but that’s not what this show does.

He’s not just incredibly creepy, he does several things that are illegal, stalking this poor woman at every turn. The show is going into its tenth season, and while it’s already been renewed for two more, there has to be some talk going on about how it will finally wrap things up.

I could totally understand why someone who had been stalked in the past would feel no sympathy for Charlie after his many terribly misguided actions. I’ll say one thing for certain: if ends with Charlie and The Waitress finally getting together, I will be sorely disappointed.

premiered in 2005, it didn’t take long for the show to establish one of it’s most prominent recurring bits: Charlie’s relentless pursuit of The Waitress.

In the very first episode, “The Gang Gets Racist,” he has his first of many awkward encounters with her.

Charlie gives Brad a wedding present; a box full of hornets.

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