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This place is open during Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays during peak season, from 10am till midnight.This market has some of the best food outlets and small bars in San Antonio.

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Some of the most notable purchases you can make here are handcrafted clothes and accessories, local artworks and figurines. Located in San Antonio, this hippy market offers a quainter and more intimate atmosphere compared to the other bazaars on the island that are significantly bigger.

Apart from its distinct and conspicuous large statue of a gorilla towering over the shops and stalls (hence the name), you also get a nice view of the beautiful San Antonio Bay.

There are also unique crafts and souvenirs you can buy.

Considered as the first ever hippy market in Ibiza, dating all the way back to 1973, this place certainly has a historic feel to it.

Punta Arabi is also the biggest hippy market in Ibiza so expect a lot of people during peak season, tourists and locals alike.

Another perk of its expansiveness is the 400-500 stalls that it hosts so you are guaranteed a variety of merchandise and food options to discover.But, you can still visit Mercat des Port in the La Marina District of the main Ibiza town, for a similar market experience. From second hand books, discounted clothing, even furniture, there is certainly plenty to barter with at this beloved bazaar.More importantly, this spot is open every Saturday, from 9am to 3pm all year round so you can visit it anytime you’re on the island.from San Antonio and close to the Ibiza Town is worth a visit.Each market in Ibiza is somewhat unique to the district or municipality it is in.This market is a great end to your week-long shopping.

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