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But has Donuts gained a six-figure price but just hurt the top level domains reputation by selling, and promoting the sale of, such prominent domain names to a company that has no news credibility and could easily be described as provider of clickbait and science denials?The domain names sold World Rugby has made history by launching the .rugby internet domain name, kicking-off a digital revolution that will deliver multiple promotional benefits to the global rugby community.country code top level domain will be possible for every interested person or legal entity, as long as the domain name of choice (or any homographs) is not already registered under

is set to launch on 10 July at local time, the registry has announced.

In an announcement by the registry ICS-FORTH GR, they advise that the registration of domain names under the .??

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To be eligible to register a domain name, you must be a registered Canadian business or organization, a Canadian trademark holder, a citizen of Canada, have permanent residency in Canada, or otherwise qualify under the Canadian Presence Requirements. If you are in Business, Finance is perfect fit for you.

Whether you are in the industry or just a domain broker, this domain is the perfect match for you.

Spent too much time at the bar and need to catch up on whats been going on? The 8 pages of reports on the meeting covers a cc NSO Report and a GAC Report, which included a GDPR update on the implementation of the temporary specification.

Or were working elsewhere in your own meetings and want to catch up on what happened? To download the CENTR report, click Purchase process was simple, straight-forward and easily understandable.

No hassles and stress was experienced while purchasing my desired domain.

Although it was a costly affair, yet it was very fuss-free while doing the payment.

If you are in the Business Industry and are looking to get better search engine rankings or just get a good start to your business. There is increasing demand for and the owner is in the market to sell this domain name at a reasonable offer in and around The domain name sold for .5 million to Intercontinental Exchange, who currently use as their home online and where is currently redirecting.

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