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LEGISLATION (SB 6216 / HB 2421) In accordance with the Attorney General’s recommendations, and following extensive stakeholder input and feedback as set out in the December 1, 2017 report, the legislation establishes a unified payment plan system for the consolidation of multiple traffic-based financial obligations.

As I wrote more than two years ago when Congress was debating the mandate: “What items in your life does the government require you to purchase from a private company? The industry claims it can’t afford to insure people with pre-existing conditions without the added revenue from the many new customers the mandate would deliver.

If the mandate is struck down, then perhaps insurance companies will again deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, we’ve been forced into this choice by the bill that Congress and the White House designed.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, “One common collection practice that leads to a cycle of reincarceration is the suspension of driver’s licenses…If these individuals continue driving—as they often must to work—they face new and often severe criminal penalties for driving with a suspended license.” Without a license, these individuals can face a serious dilemma: lose their jobs or risk a criminal charge for driving illegally.

BACKGROUND In 2016, Substitute Senate Bill 6360 created a workgroup facilitated by the Attorney General’s Office.

Raising the tobacco sale age to 21 is an effective strategy to fight tobacco use and it’s gaining momentum nationwide.

California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Maine, and Oregon have raised their tobacco sale ages to 21, along with at least 200 cities and counties across the country. (Read the full PDF one pager) PROBLEM Available data from the Department of Licensing shows that at any point in time, nearly 50,000 individuals may have multiple outstanding failure to respond or pay suspensions issued by more than one court of limited jurisdiction.

And many Democrats wanted a government-run insurance plan. The justices heard arguments over the mandate for two hours this morning—the second of the High Court’s three days of oral arguments on the law. Kennedy asked the lawyer, Solicitor General Donald B. asked about forcing people to buy burial insurance,” according to the Times.

But, generally speaking, your opinion of the health care law generally hinges on whether you can accept the health insurance mandate. Some look at the prospect of providing health care to 30 million currently uninsured Americans, including millions in Texas, and at the success the system has had in Massachusetts, and conclude the mandate is worth it. As the New York Times reports, the conservative justices posed probing questions about the health care mandate. Verrilli Jr., only minutes into the argument.” “Chief Justice John G. asked if the government could compel the purchase of cellphones. I won’t venture a guess on whether the mandate is constitutional or how the court will rule.

BACKGROUND Established in 1978, the Washington State Medicaid Fraud Control Unit has independent jurisdiction and must investigate and prosecute criminal and civil investigation and prosecution of health care provider fraud committed against the State’s Medicaid program as well as abuse and neglect of persons in skilled nursing facilities.

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