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So you come into the picture again and things start looking good… And he is so excited to finally be able to dump this awful feeling that he is elated! But even in those cases, I think it starts out as something different that we just label “love”.

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” And you might even have thought that you’re somehow not “good enough” for him now. The fact is, being good enough or doing the right thing never had anything to do with how you related to the other person.

It has everything to do with how you relate to yourself.

And since she’s nice to him, it comes across that she feels bad for him.

Few things could make a guy feel more pathetic and pitiful than having a girl feel sorry for him for liking her. When people talk about reasons women are attracted to men, words like chemistry and confidence and coolness come up.

But for a guy, chemistry and confidence and coolness aren’t products you can buy to look more attractive to women.

A guy can’t spray on chemistry like perfume, or apply confidence like it were lip gloss or throw on some coolness as if it were a push-up bra. I’m just trying to illustrate a sad point about today’s society: When a man isn’t able to attract the woman he wants, it’s very very difficult for him to know why.I think the best thing you can do is to step back and put your attention on other things.Create some space for him to come back to you – occupy yourself with doing things you enjoy, spending time with your friends… It sounds weird to say, but sometimes I feel people are like cats – when you take your attention off of them, they come back to you and will do anything to get you back.To release all those years of pain, sadness, loneliness, confusion, anger, shame… Well to him, he’s been dating the fantasy image of you and the idea of “being good enough” for three years now! On the other hand, that is NOT to say that I don’t believe in love at first sight and that sort of thing.all those emotions that men wouldn’t dare showing when they don’t feel “good enough”… And because you are the only one who can release him from it… I do – sometimes people just click and they just know they’ll truly love each other.He said he loved me a couple of days into the relationship and would say it often, but sometime during the relationship he completely withdrew for no reason. Sometimes 3 to 4 days could go by and I’ll get no call from him.

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