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While watching the drama, it reminiscences me another drama; secret love. The character development is amazingly executed, they have so many story entangled together and you wont get bored.

Though the storyline is quite opposite, the feeling lingered is the same (at least for me). You have perfect pair of lead and supporting roles.

Note that "people" (사람) is not in the sentence, Koreans love skipping out subjects from sentences and "사이" is there to add in some nuances to add the meaning of "people".

The statement is incomplete really but has nuances to it to give it meaning (again Koreans love to do that i.e they don't usually use all the clauses in a sentence unless it is required and leaves it up to the understanding of the listener) but it's hard to transform it into English and give it a pithy translation.

This is the kind of drama that lingers days after you finished it. 10/10 Lovee the chemistry of Gangdoo and all the other characters. The slice of life lesson left in this drama struck me, in a positive way.

This drama taught me to always see the good in people, to not judge people from their looks and to always choose kindness before anything else. Pls watch not only with your eyes, with your heart too!

I have never in my life written any sort of comments or reviews on anything, but I feel like I have to spread the goodness and warmth I felt from this drama to everyone. I like the character of gang doo and moon soo.there some scenes that if makes me smile like crazy, a very romantic excitement, I cry a lot and scared tha gang doo will die leaving moon soo. The color pallette successfully stimulate your melancholic side, not so dark nor too desperate but enough too tell you about the painful life theyre living in.

ps: ignore my bad english, i'm not a native english speaker :) . ..i really like the look of gang doo eyes and the smile of moon soo. Thanks to the writer,director,the producer,the staffs and to all cast for making this drama a memorable to me. Not to mentio the storyline, you might think this one hell slow progress drama but wait, no.

I don’t regret a single tear I dropped while watching it!

I used to have exams on the next day the new episode is out and I couldn’t study or focus without knowing what will happen next so I watch it and then study or sleep ... 10/10 go watch out, def you will regret if you watch lately! There's a lot of ups and downs between the main lead, it's dark and yet gives you hope at the end of the journey.

this drama is so good at so many levels its so special . Its sooo sweet and so realistic, very very well executed.

i dont care how it'll end , I dont want a tragic ending (i know from comments below it wont) but i wouldn't mind it , the impact of the drama is strong enough . *sighs* I can just carry on watching them, how I wish this was longer but I can breathe a sigh of relief at the ending.

If you like to contemplate about life and feed your empathy, this movie will sure your to go.

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