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When Pac was locked up, He felt depressed, betrayed, and angry about the whole incident.

He was robbed, shot 5 times and sent to prison within 24 hour span along the media crucifying him and trying to assassinate his character by potraying him as a rapist and a knuckleheaded convict.

Not bad for a bunch of radical anti-establishment kids. Those fat, useless, fucks in Washington need something besides Viagra, coke and pederasty to justify their "jobs".

RDC I miss the days of radical musicians with a bone to pick with You always hear me asking "What the fuck do they do all day and why does it cost so much money? Those fat, useless, fucks in Washington need something besides Viagra, coke and pederasty to justify their "jobs".

With her she brought the song White Rabbit which hit number 8 in the charts and became a million seller. Government and spied on for having joked about spiking the Washington D. water supply with LSD which, of course, our public servants took seriously. The band had a lengthy career with many great albums, both as a band and their solo endeavors, as well as their offshoot bands, Jefferson Starship, and their less well-known act, Jefferson Shuttle Craft and Hot Tuna.

The group played both the Monterey Pop and Jazz Festivals, among others, most notably Woodstock and Altamont. They played their last show in September 1971 and were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

expand Jefferson Airplane The Airplane formed in San Francisco and debuted at the Matrix on August 13th, 1965.

Original singer, Signe Anderson, who performed vocal chores on their debut album 'Takes Off' left the group and was replaced by Grace Slick from the Bay Area group 'The Great Society'.

His so-called friends didn’t visit him or took time to write letters checking on him.

He was an open target for no only in prison due to the nature of his reputation but in hip hop as well as New York artists and DJs started disrespecting him on New York Radio stations and even went as far as to spread a rumor of him being raped in prison, It was hard for Tupac to sit in prison and receive this treatment without having the outlet to respond to it.

The album would be the highest selling album in 1996 along with Death Row Records being put back on the map as a megaforce due to Bad Boy dominating much of 1995.

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