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Since the average daily sales for the Ghost are 2.11 (as calculated earlier on this page), that means the safety stock for Ghost is about 14 x 2.11 = 29.54. After all, nobody really orders 0.54 pairs of glasses.

[We’ve also written a more detailed article on safety stock, if you’d like to calculate it based on lead-time demand.] Now that we’ve got all of the Archon Optical numbers down, we’re ready to put together a reorder point for the Ghost.

Calculating elapsed time is very common whether you are managing a project or raising a baby.

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disable automatic updating windows 7 - Excel forulas are delayed updating totals

It’s one thing to understand the concept, but they’re no use to you if you aren’t set up to reorder in a timely manner.

If you’re a spreadsheet user, you can use conditional formatting for the quantity value of specific cells.

The following on-line calculator allows you to automatically determine the amount of monthly compounding interest owed on payments made after the payment due date.

To use this calculator you must enter the numbers of days late, the number of months late, the amount of the invoice in which payment was made late, and the Prompt Payment interest rate, which is pre-populated in the box.

We can use excel formulas to calculate elapsed time very easily. [Help on TODAY formula] The result includes fractions as well.

You can use number formatting to remove the values after decimal point.

It’s a bit of work up front because you’ll have to set it up for each individual cell, but you can set Excel or Google Sheets so that cells turn red the moment they dip below your reorder point, which will warn you when you need to start on a new purchase order.

You can make reordering easier and more efficient with in Flow Cloud.

The idea of safety stock is similar to the idea of a reorder point, which is the stock quantity at which you will generate a new purchase order for that product.

A reorder point can be the same as your safety stock number, but it’s usually higher to factor in the lead time.

However, once you have a handle on patterns in your purchase and sales orders for a particular product, you’re ready to start putting the variables together.

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