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It’s too early to say what the long-term ramifications of this latest bit of ridiculousness will be within that context.But as players and executives across the league took to Twitter on Tuesday night, their immediate perception of Colangelo was clear.

But even at that, you must come across many of his books which are an embodiment of his real-life experiences and philosophies.

A great and humble music icon who absolutely left an indelible mark on music fans, Willie Nelson, however, wasn’t fortunate in marriage as he ended up tying the knot three good times.

With all of the other circumstantial evidence — the followers of non-household names with Colangelo connections, etc.

— there is a conceivable world in which a diligent and clever (and disturbed) individual could be authoring the ultimate long con.

Given the NBA’s fiscal structure, and the ability for many teams to offer a prospective signee an identical amount of money, a free agent often makes his decision based on concerns that would be secondary in other sports.

Among those concerns are a franchise’s prestige, and its ability to contend for a title, and its management, and its ability to attract other quality players.

Among the players who made direct or veiled jokes about the situation were the Portland Trail Blazers’ C. Mc Collum, the Indiana Pacers’ Trevor Booker, and, of course, the Sixers’ own Joel Embiid.

Embiid later said in a television interview that Colangelo had contacted him and denied ownership of the Twitter accounts, which featured several messages that were critical of the big man.

Though there’s no information about her ancestry, family members, siblings, relations, educational background and what not, the smiles and light she brought into the icon’s life show clearly that she’s a woman of influence and substance.

It’s very safe to say that Annie D’Angelo is Willie Nelson’s perfect match.

The only evidence The Ringer offers to the contrary is the opinion of its unidentified source, who reached out to the site unsolicited and claimed to have used his computer expertise to analyze and link the five accounts (the story sheds no further light on his exact methodology).

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