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The fact is, too many of us are not being picky enough.We are desperate for external romance that we accept far-less than we want and deserve just to fill a void.

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Our past may not be the determiner of our future, but it creates a rather telling narrative of what has shaped us thus far—information that can be useful when making sound and conscious decisions on which relationships are allowed in our lives.

The most important thing when we are making decisions about what is a “do” and “don’t” in our relationship is being dialed in on what our core values are.

Arguing clears the air, creates spaciousness for total honesty and vulnerability, and allows for stagnant energy to be cleared out.

By keeping the conversation civil, and by owning our own feelings, we can use arguments as an opening for healing and greater intimacy in our most important romantic relationships.

I am a huge fan of taking this rule and throwing it straight out the window.

If I had a dime for every time a client came to me questioning if a relationship was right for them, yet felt they may just be “too picky” I could have easily retired ages ago.

Part of crafting a mindful relationship is having a keen understanding of what the dos and don’ts are in a relationship.

The problem that arises is that much of what is written on the topic is rather biased—it’s almost entirely based on the individual lending the advice and what they like or dislike.

So much so that many don’ts are becoming dos—or at least should be before totally ruled out.

Here are my top 5 dating don’ts that should probably be dos: Why should this be a do?

The pace of a connection should be something you and your partner see eye-to-eye on—not something that should be predetermined.

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