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I am the same way, I hate the dtaing game, and if I am interested in you, I am interested in JUST you, nobody else.

I hate making people feel like options instead of priorities and when I begin to feel like a option I back out from said girl Well the thing is, I live in Europe where non exclusive dating isn't really a thing so exclusivity is implied from the start, no conversation needed.

Anyway, I'd like to think that by the third date she isn't dating other people, and in the following dates we can decide where we're ready to "define" our relationship...

With the girl i am seeing now it went like this."blahh blahh blahh interesting conversation about feelings etc."...... I've kissed a guy btw." ......"More interesting conversation about adjacent topics"Edit: I don't think there's a particular number.

But these are the 5 key things I have learned since being single for a year now.

Hope this helped you, and seriously take this advice.

Me: "I'm not really prone to jealousy"She: "Yeah me neither"Me: "Though I am kind of a one-trick pony. Honestly, i would be pretty bummed out if you did too"She: "Yeah, i would be bummed out too. She: "I made out with a girl after our first date though"Me: "Yeah, ok. I was seeing someone casually, but i broke it off after our first date"She: "Ohh, ok. To me, there is no magical formula where "number of dates" = exclusivity. They inevitably bring it up, and I say "hey, this has to work for both of us.

This only happens after it is discussed and mutually agreed upon. think after a few good dates and if we really click, it's a girl that I really enjoy being around and I want to keep seeing her then I'm going to make that move to make it exclusive if she doesn't first. She tells me she's feeling me and wants to take things further. I think we've got a good thing going though, why ruin it?

Whenever I want it to be exclusive, I just ask her if she's seeing other dudes.

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