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They proposed the same method could be used for liquids not so charged by the use of suction.

The bottle was to have a short, recessed and contracted neck as near to the rim as practical.

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Sealing the bottle was to be accomplished by inserting an instrument which would grab the ball and upon withdrawing the instrument from the bottle, the ball would be tightly wedged in the neck of the bottle, staying without the aid of internal pressure.

The ball would be forced in between the wires of the bottling instrument with a force proportionate to the buoyancy of the ball.

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By use of the suction device the ball was drawn up into position.

align="left"In December of 1864 Josiah Beard and Moses Fairbanks, both of Boston patented a new and useful method of bottling still liquids or stopping bottles containing still liquids, those not charged with gases.

They proposed that a bottle filled with liquid was to use a ball as an internal valve.

The ball was to float upon the surface of the liquid.

Unfortunately Goodyear never lived to see how his invention impacted much of the manufacturing industry including soda bottling.

Nor did he realize any significant financial gain from his invention due to his slowness to patent the process and the dozens of patent infringement cases in which he found himself embroiled.

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