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In addition the coil former geometry of the T-Top bobbin differs from the coil former dimensions of PAF bobbins making T-Top bobbins slightly taller and more robust internally than PAF bobbins.Early T-Top humbuckers retain the same patent# sticker on the baseplate into the early 1970s.In the mid-1950s Gibson looked to create a new guitar pickup different from existing popular single coil designs. The patent for Gibson's design was eventually issued on July 28, 1959. This registered trademark should not to be confused with original P. In 1958 the Goldtop model was dropped from production, and the sunburst Standard took its place.

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The Gibson Les Paul of 1958-1960 is commonly considered the most valuable standard-production guitar ever made.

Drill down, though, and you can make a good case for the pickups used on those guitars as the most valuable and most desirable single component ever featured on an electric guitar.

In addition, around 1963 these pickups were given a new sticker that had a patent number written on it.

However, the stickers were labelled with " Between 1965-1966, Gibson switched to polyurethane-coated wire from enamel-coated to cut costs and streamline pigtail lead soldering time, changing the wire color from purple to red.

They were replaced by the Patent Number (Pat No) pickup, essentially a refined version of the PAF.

Gibson began use of the PAF on higher-model guitars in late 1956 and stopped in around 1962.The "T" located on the top of the bobbins helped workers ensure the bobbin was facing the correct way during the winding and assembly process.T-Top bobbins lose the distinctive square hole of the original PAF bobbins.These pickups are, of course, the hallowed “Patent Applied For” (PAF) humbuckers, which not only formed the template for the majority of full-sized humbucking pickups made over the past five and a half decades, but are also still regarded by aficionados as being the most sonically exalted pickups ever known to man.Whether or not they justify the outlay, a good pair of original PAFs made between 1957 and early 1962 (the span during which the PAF was manufactured by Gibson) will cost you between ,000 and ,000 on the used market today, which is a lot of money for two Alnico magnets, four plastic bobbins, two metal base plates, and about a mile and a half of very thin wire.Due to the popularity of vintage PAF pickups nearly 300 aftermarket pickups makers worldwide offer their version of the vintage design.

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