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They were exhausted, soaking wet and holding onto each other and their children.

After answering questions as to what they had lost the husband turned to the reporter and said, “Most of what we lost we can replace. You may be surprised to learn that there is a clear pattern to the rise and fall of great societies such as Rome, Greece and Egypt.

However, there is a powerful alternative to this fallacy: conscious dating.

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You probably wouldn’t be too concerned about the paint on your house, the flowers in your garden or the football game that had been interrupted. You’d want to find your family and make sure they were safe.

Some time ago I saw an interview of a couple who had lost their home and all of their possessions but had barely escaped the fury of hurricane Georges.

This may be worlds away from your current dating style.

But it is absolutely possible for you, and once you start, you won’t ever look back.

If you survived a nuclear disaster, when the danger was over and you came out of hiding, what would be the first thing you would look for?

If you are like most of us your answer is simple and wouldn’t take much thought. You would frantically search for your husband or your wife, your son or your daughter.

Instead of blaming our exes, we benefit by examining our weaknesses and then choosing to work on the issues that may be hindering us.

When we continuously attract the same type of person, what’s the common denominator? It’s not that your luck is bad or that someone is out to get you.

If someone you’re dating doesn’t call back and you start to feel anxious, not being aware of your own inherent abandonment issues will likely lead to you projecting your fear onto them and driving a wedge between you.

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