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Also read: Andy Samberg and Kit Harington to Headline HBO Tennis Mockumentary The six-hour miniseries, which is based on the Lisa Belkin book of the same title, revolves around a young mayor of a mid-sized American city who’s faced with a federal court order that says he must build a small number of low-income housing units in the white neighborhoods of his town.

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I did, however, enjoy her sarcastically dry, bolshy, personality-destroying task master Maxine Lund in Spike Jonze’s breakthrough film a great deal.

But in the film – and in many things since – she’s baffled, transfixed, annoyed and intrigued me in equal measure.

The journey Kate takes over the course of Nicole Holofcener’s film is, of course, all about the act and exploration of giving.

But Keener’s acting is never simplistic or easily-fathomable.

We can’t go back in time and alter the Oscar voters’ minds, but we can recalibrate our viewing habits and put our hearts and funny-bones first to celebrate Trish more.

Take Three: is Keener’s most fully-rounded, intricate and emotionally spot-on performance to date. There’s an built in disparity, an imbalance, within Keener’s trendy-antiques dealer Kate: she repossess the recently-deceased’s wares and sells them on at a higher mark-up (like , Keener’s again selling other people’s stuff), yet she also doles out any spare change she has to New York’s homeless without a second thought.Her work is bold yet accessible, and full of directional pulls and emotional bumps which resonate beyond the film’s duration; it makes us question our own charitable ideologies.Misplaced empathy and foolhardy ingratiation are tricky emotional states to pin down, but Keener nails both. In one memorable scene she visits a group of learning-needs children to volunteer help, but immediately breaks down in tears of knee-jerk empathy, and is told to leave by the manager.David Simon is teaming up with HBO again — and he’s bringing a couple of high-profile friends with him.“The Wire” and “Treme” boss Simon is working on a new miniseries, “Show Me a Hero,” for the premium cable network, with a cast that includes “Star Wars: Episode VII” actor Oscar Isaac and “Captain Phillips” actress Catherine Keener.But she shone brightly as Trish Piedmont in that same year.

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