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You can still select the "Willing to Convert" option when you're filling out your profile. 14 May may have been founded in the '90s, but it's no old-timer.

In the fifth series finale, "The Pandorica Opens"/"The Big Bang", Rory reappears in 102 AD as a Roman centurion.

He triggers Amy's memories, but as she remembers, it is revealed that the centurion Rory is actually an Auton—a duplicate of living plastic—created from Amy's memories to help capture the Doctor.

Rory's consciousness tries to fight his programming, but he is compelled to shoot and kill her.

Amy's body is kept alive in the Pandorica, a special prison intended to trap the Doctor. The Doctor realises that Amy is connected to the cracks in the universe which originated from a temporal explosion on her wedding day.

While there, Amy informs the Doctor she is pregnant before attempting to shoot a little girl in an Apollo space suit, believing it will stop her from killing the future Doctor.

In the girl's orphanage room, Amy finds strange pictures of herself holding a newborn baby.

When the Doctor returns, Amy is nineteen years old and working as a kissogram.

She helps him save Earth from the galactic police force the Atraxi, and when he returns two years later she begins travelling with him as his companion.

Once Amy remembers the Doctor, he is restored to reality.

The sixth series (2011) begins with Amy and Rory living a normal domestic life.

A flashback in "Let's Kill Hitler" introduces Amy and Rory's childhood friend Mels (Nina Toussaint-White).

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