is charlie dating the waitress in real life - Are holly madison and jack barakat still dating

I was really hoping to read about her meeting her husband and getting married and having a baby, but I guess that'll just be another book now.Not as polished and intriguing as 'Down the Rabbit Hole'. her goals and successes were so materialistic and her personal issues so narcissistic that for the majority of the book I felt detached, disengaged and unsympathetic towards her.

Its time I won't get back to read a better book - at least her first book actually had some real substance to it.

I love Holly Madison, and I was so excited about this sequel to Down the Rabbit Hole.

We're sure you'll both find someone else soon enough!

After leaving the Playboy mansion and Hugh Hefner's harem of 'girlfriends', Holly Madison was determined to start over--on no one's terms but her own.

Whether you love or hate her, HM was a broken woman when she left the Playboy mansion.

I know that both Hef and Kendra try to say that she is lying but you can see traces of these stories if you watch the show. It's never a happy story when a couple breaks up, but sometimes it just has to happen. Apparently that's the case with Holly Madison and her rocker Jack Barakat, who have split, and it seems to have happened amicably. However, the second I read the disclaimer inside 'The Vegas Diaries' that names and such had been altered, I was immediately let down.It's difficult to determine which individuals were fabricated and which were just exaggerated and renamed. Some parts seem completely made up and she continuously portrays herself as an introvert.Madison's first book, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny, was actually enlightening and interesting.

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