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"I was absolutely heartbroken, both as the minister responsible for consumer protection and the minister of the status of women," Mc Lean told Edmonton AM in an interview on Wednesday.

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As such she has great first hand knowledge and experience of sports related injuries.

In addition to Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, and Rehabilitative Training Lauren now also offer a range of wellness based treatments to complement our clinic and the many therapies that we offer.

Alongside his passion for Osteopathy and Chiropractic, Tommaso spends his free time piloting light aircrafts and surfing. Since returning to Jersey, Lauren has been based at the ‘Jersey Chiropractic Centre’ since early 2007, during which time she has built a strong client base.

As a student Lauren had a long history as an Island gymnast.

It was during his stay in Los Angeles that Tommaso realised his passion to become a Chiropractor. She was part of the Sports Therapy drop-in clinic at the university, which was open to all students and staff.

Shortly after he enrolled for the Chiropractic Degree at the AECC in Bournemouth, which he completed in 2017. Lauren also took the post of Sports Therapist for her University football team, attending both training sessions and matches with them.

In April, Margaret Clark, 67, was the first to raise concerns, shortly after launching a lawsuit against Canada Introductions, Inc., which operates as Edmonton Matchmakers.

She accused the company of using high-pressure sales tactics that convinced her to pay ,494 for a membership at the Edmonton office located at 7915 104 St. Service Alberta investigated in 2015 but concluded there wasn't enough evidence to take action against the company, prompting Clark to launch a civil suit and tell her story publicly."That's what needed to happen," said Clark.

She accuses the company of failing to provide her with any matches after paying ,485.85 on Nov. Mc Lean said the province's Fair Trading Act offers some consumer protection, depending on the facts and circumstances."But in any situation, a company cannot misrepresent their services, they can't misrepresent their offers or exaggerate savings, they cannot use aggressive pressure sales tactics to get you to sign a contract," she said."They can't grossly overcharge for their service which could be the case in these circumstances.

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