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It’s also free to list items on the site and you get one free relisting if an item doesn’t sell the first time.This company charges a 3.5 percent final value fee, which Bonanza deducts from your sale.

If you want to host a web store on e Bay’s platform, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee depending on which subscription you choose.

Store subscriptions remove the need to pay listing fees, but you still pay for upgrades.

In our research, we found this feature was slightly glitchy, but a built-in-photo editor can save you time and money as you upload your listings. We picked the top seven online auction sites to research for our comparison.

While e Bay is the most well-known online auction site, our research uncovered several other alternative sites with almost as many registered users and lower fees.

Unfortunately, this company does charge higher fees than other websites we researched.

You don’t have to pay a seller verification fee, but after your first 50 listings, you pay 30 cents to list items.

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If you’re interested in becoming a seller on online auction sites, it’s important to consider all the fees.

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