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Pranayama purifies the mind and body through the balance and cultivation of energy throughout the whole body.Asana purifies the body through movements that increase and improve the flow of blood, oxygen and prana in the tissues, muscles and organs.

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Beautifully prepared, perfectly balanced, nutritious meals will complete the process of healing and nurture of your body and soul, while you enjoy comfortable accommodation in shared twin or single rooms. We hold the breath for two seconds between each and every breath. People come from all over the globe to visit us as you’ll see below so you will love the international feel and we have a beautiful, trusting and loving Balinese team that will carefully and lovingly look after you while you are here.

That creates a trance state that is pleasant and relaxing. Just one more thing I want to share with you before I share more about the class. You will smell the flowers, feel the warm wind, listen to the exotic birds.

The retreat with Linda Madani was a powerful & potentially transformative experience, giving us practical tools to assist our personal healing journey as well and a lot of feed for thought introspection .. Linda is a Master teacher and individually and as a group she transformed all of us and shut us an air path to discovering what is truly a life changing journey. PAY ONLY US $300 TO BOOK YOUR PLACE IN THIS RETREAT, THE REST OF THE AMOUNT HAS TO BE PAID UNTIL 1st SEPTEMBER 2017 ** Booking conditions apply***** We understand that some solo participants will happily share a room to reduce paying an additional room supplement.

I hope she and her students in the future get to repeat what we all felt this week, I have no doubt that she will. If you are willing to share, we will do our best to match you with another solo participant of the same gender & similar age when possible.

Krishnamacharya lineage, Bihar School of Yoga and Hatha Yoga) and Mudra Pranala (Healing art based on energy movement transmitted by Balinese shaman Tjokorda Rai).

Yoga Pranala effectively increases inner and outer strength, enhances mental clarity, relaxation, total presence and harmony.The participants of this retreat will have a unique, authentic experience of this fire purification ceremony.Water purification: Water represents the flow of energy or prana connecting us to emotion and intuition.Truly an inspiration and an honour, very very grateful.! Linda Madani is an excellent teacher whose compassionate yet firm guidance helped me to go deeper into yoga and meditation practise than ever before. Conditions apply, please contact Cristina for further information.Followingher week-long Pranala workshop, my body and mind have never felt more centred and calm. The retreat resort is located in the hills of Ubud, a small Balinese village, where famous artists and writers from the world over have found peace and serenity including Elizabeth Gilbert who recently wrote about Ubud in the best seller EAT PRAY LOVE.Yoga Pranala Retreat – A Unique Journey of Purification in Bali Join us in a multi-dimensional retreat that combines traditional yoga-mudra, mantra, chanting, postures, pranayama and ancient Balinese self-healing techniques to help balance and purify yourself at all the levels of your being.

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