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The intermittent development of sexual relations in residential locations (including Deng home), hotels, and at karaoke rooms, etc., during which Deng Wei Xiong photographed Miss X nude.

He encouraged her to pose for over a hundred photos and two sex videos, but Deng promised not to show to others and that he would deleted at any time at Miss X request.

She also added that the photos were taken for fun and as a remembrance of her youth.

"I hope everyone don't take my photos too seriously.

She is believed to be the first victim in the Deng Wei-xiong blackmail case when Deng threaten to made her nude pictures public if she did not comply with his demands for her sexual services.

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Deng wanted Miss X to sever their relationship especially the nude photography and video.

But Deng made sure she knew he was blackmailing her saying that if she failed to meet his requirements, everything would be release.Roughly translated, Hong Kong's When passing the sentence, the magistrate pointed out that the defendant as a person with a career, having the economic ability of a mature man, but the use of nude photos to blackmail powerless, girls as young as a 21-year-old student, as disgusting.But also said the victims live in fear all day now, suffering great pressure, repeated on every occasion.These are believed to be those nude images but they only surfaced on the Internet quite recently. But before you see the 80 controversial naked photos, 25 of her regular sexy modeling are posted below.(22-year-old born in Hong Kong) is a female Hong Kong model and university student.The magistrate pointed out that the contents of the letter, saying that the defendant was morally wrong, doubtful of his remorse.

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