Dating more than one

But you still feel the need to see what else is out there.

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Not the best formula for going into a life-long commitment of monogamy.

Which leads us to the “The Big Rule.” You know, the one that says you shouldn’t be sleeping with your dates prior to marriage, and certainly not while dating other people.

Sleeping together prior to marriage is against our Catholic values for multiple reasons.

We believe that the physical intimacy you share with another person is as close as husband and wife.

Let’s start by defining what you mean by “dating.” If dating means a couple of casual dates, along with light conversation and very limited to no physical intimacy, then you are really just getting to know someone and dating around is perfectly ok.

Now, if dating means consistent weekly contact for two months or more, coupled with long conversations about how much you are attracted to each other and some form of “making out,” then dating more than one person may start to feel like a betrayal.

So, the answer isn’t really black and white, as much as do what you believe is right. I’m hoping your faith, strength of character, and values will help you decide the right time to start dating exclusively.

There are plenty fish in the sea and you aren’t done fishing, however, you did hook a great catch.

I think the conversation made us both nervous, especially when you are trying to sound casual as you ask, “So, are you seeing anyone else?

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