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"It's not for serious relationships or building a house." Munafar claims the movement gains over 1,000 followers on social media every day.

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Its posts often draw from Islamic culture, mixing in content about hijab with anti-dating graphics."I was concerned about the younger generation, who are victims of the doomed culture of courtship," Munafar said when asked why he started the movement.

Indonesian couples wait for their turn to wed during a mass wedding ceremony in Jakarta, Indonesia, Wednesday, May 18, 2005.

Purwakarta in West Java banned dating in 2015, installing security cameras at public intersections to monitor social interactions.

And last year, conservative politicians proposed banning all extramarital sex.

and globally, complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the second leading cause of death for girls ages 15 to 19," she said, citing figures from Indonesia's Central Bureau of Statistics.

Cultural pressure to skip dating is certainly not the only factor in child marriage.

A religious officer canes an Acehnese youth onstage as punishment for dating outside marriage, which is against Sharia, or Islamic law, outside a mosque in Banda Aceh, Aug. The strictly Muslim province, Aceh has become increasingly conservative in recent years and is the only one in Indonesia implementing Sharia.

Widespread trend Indonesia Tanpa Pacaran isn't the only sign of anti-dating sentiment.

Indonesia Without Courtship -- Indonesia Tanpa Pacaran -- a movement started by writer La Ode Munafar, 26, encourages young Indonesians to skip dating and go straight to marriage.

The group has gained more than 200,000 Facebook likes and over 300,000 Instagram followers.

The nation's highest court has not yet moved forward with discussion on the measure.

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