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Jumping on a dating service or listing yourself in a personal ad without the proper education in this area is truly a dangerous idea.In my practice I see so many unhappy people — and come on people, this is suposed to be FUN!Taurus people do not like to move long distance – they do not like to move 20 miles away, so don't expect them to relocate for you.

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Discernment of Hense, my reason for suggesting that if you are entertaining the idea of using an internet dating service, it’s vital that you contact someone who has studied the internet personals, in depth, who can assist you during the initial profiling and contact stage.

Asking ‘the right’ questions will foster a happier and more productive, actually enjoyable dating experience.

After personal indepth study of “the personals” both on and off the net, for more than twenty years now, I have found that many of these less than favorable situations could have been avoided.

Prospective dating candidates armed and aware, can achieve great results by paying attention to absolute rules, boundaries, and principles in discerning behavior patterns and personality types, and of course ASKING QUESTIONS!

And it is a wise man or woman who knows exactly who ‘YOU ARE’ and ‘WHAT YOU ARE SEEKING in a mate’ that will enable you to offer a concise and direct “self-PROFILING” in a way that will deliver the best result.

Many of the people whom I have initially assisted in placing their profile on a dating service, or re-started on Match or Eharmony have found that this time around, with my professional assistance has sincerely enjoyed themselves so much more.

I use Psychology to explore the male and female behavior patterns associated with how ‘THEY’ approach romance and committment based on their gender specific primal nature; using Astrology I focus on the ‘nature’ of their personality based on the placement of their SUN (the date of birth) and MOON (date and year of birth), as well as their individual history of past relationships and how ‘those relationships’ may be affecting their present behaviors in and around their current relationship.

Unfortuately, neither Astrology nor any other discipline, metaphysical or otherwise, can what is going to happen — as you know, I’m sure; only GOD can do that. However, it’s important that we know how Psychology, Astrology, and Spirituality does provide practical, logical application and assistance in discerning whether something is of possible events that more probable than not will occur based on planetary archetype and actual personalities, behaviors, and planetary patterns, along with the phases of the moon relative to those planetary influences on earth.

It is vital that whether you are a man or woman, that your profile states exactly what you want, need, and desire, and if you are writing your own profile it is imperative that you are , and then state your desires in your narrative so that it is clear about ‘who’ you are and ‘what you want, need, and desire’ is absolutely ‘clear’ as well.

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